Familiar words anew

Sermon for 13 February 2022, 3rd Before Lent (Year C) Readings: Psalm 1; Luke 6.17-26 In today’s Gospel, Jesus speaks powerful words of consolation (and caution).  These are Luke’s version of what we call the ‘Beatitudes’: the blessings given by Jesus in his teaching. It’s likely that you are more familiar with the eight sayingsContinue reading Familiar words anew

From doubt to joy

Sermon for 6 February 2022, 4th before Lent Year C. Readings: Isaiah 6.1-8; Luke 5.1-11 I rather like February – in the Church calendar it’s often a lovely period of ‘Ordinary time’ (which is church speak for a time outside of the major seasons). For me, it’s an opportunity to regather my bearings after theContinue reading “From doubt to joy”

Candlemas and change

Sermon for Candlemas: Epiphany 4 Year C, 30 January 2022 Readings: Malachi 3.1-5; Luke 2.22-40 Like Simeon, may I grow old in hope and in wonder.  Like Anna, may I be in love with you all my days.  May I be open to truth, open to surprises.  May I let your Spirit into my life. Continue reading “Candlemas and change”

Jesus’ manifesto

Sermon for 23 January 2022, Epiphany 3 Year C Readings: Psalm 19.1-6; Luke 4.14-21 As we travel through the season of Epiphany, we consider those first revelations of Christ leading to the start of his ministry. We began with the visit of the Magi, whose adoration and symbolic gifts demonstrated that the salvation significance andContinue reading “Jesus’ manifesto”

The Wedding at Cana

Sermon for 16 January 2022, Epiphany 2 Year C Readings: Psalm 36.5-10; John 2:1-11 The wedding at Cana – that is, when Jesus turned water into wine – is the first miracle that we see Jesus doing in the Gospel of John. In this Gospel, the evangelist uses Jesus’ miracles as ‘signs’ which reveal hisContinue reading “The Wedding at Cana”

Cat Jesus

Sermon for Christmas Morning (Year C), 25 December 2021 Readings: Set III – Isaiah 52.7-10; John 1.1-14 There’s a gorgeous ginger tom cat that likes to loiter on the path between the Rectory and Kingstone Church – if you’ve ever walked along the lane you may have met him. He is the most affectionate catContinue reading “Cat Jesus”

Light in darkness

Sermon for Midnight Mass (Year C), 24 December 2021 Readings: Set I – Isaiah 9.2-7; Luke 2.1-14 As I revisited our reading from Isaiah in preparation for tonight, I have to admit that I didn’t get much beyond the first sentence before my brain became caught in thought: The people who walked in darkness haveContinue reading “Light in darkness”

At the heart of Christmas

If you’ve been to any of our carol services this season, you may have heard a version of this reflection: Certain things just make it feel like Christmas is here, don’t you think? Whether film or book or song, this month is filled with familiar, much treasured tales: the Snowman, Aled Jones singing ‘We’re walkingContinue reading “At the heart of Christmas”

“Do you want to see her?”

Sermon for Advent 4 (Year C), 19 December 2021 Readings: Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love, chapter 25; Luke 1.39-55 When I was 19, I was sent to support a couple of church groups as an additional leader for trips and to broaden my experience of different church traditions (as I was already exploringContinue reading ““Do you want to see her?””